We are developing a high-tech farm in the Byron-Ballina region.

The Farm will be a purpose-built environment for innovation and an enabler for sustainable farming. 

Our Farm

More than the sum of its parts

A Better Innovation Hub

A hub to smash together different business, problems and capabilities to create new opportunities.

What opportunities might you create?

A Better Technology Lab

Access and immersion to technology and capabilities that will underpin new and future business.

What might you build and grow?

A Better Perspective

An environment designed to reignite curiosity, curate change and build a community.

What change might you achieve?

Our Ambition

Our Farm is designed to be at the heart of a new operating system for innovative thinking and entrepreneurial action.

It enables the context, space, inspiration, tools and paths forward to generate the best possible value for an ecosystem of organisations (both in and beyond the Agricultural sectors). Our ambition is to:

Live the change

Exposes us to the biggest challenges and profound change that is occurring in our world. Enabling well researched and developed blueprints for success.

Unlock future value

Be an active citizen and curator of an innovation ecosystem. Bringing to bear tools and resources to get things done and help you to create new sources of value.

Create a community

Connect and enable energetic communities of entrepreneurs, creators, producers and more.

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